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A conversation taken from WINAMP FORUMS :

Hmm, maybe i should be PINK then, since bubblegum is always associated with PINK.
What does bubblegum have to do with anything
Not to mention how much attention you pay for your post reading.
I think i've said about a thousand times what my nick means around the community
I'm sure you've said it to me a thousand times, my brain just immediately places it into my mental recycle bin, soon to be overwritten with a more important piece of data. Some random Doom III trivia or an obscure fact about penguins perhaps.

(PAK-9) What the hell does tuggummi mean anyway?
(Tuggummi) it means bubblegum in swedish
(PAK-9) uh huh, sure whatever
(Tuggummi) did you know that penguins live in large groups called colonies or rookery?
(PAK-9) really? huh, you learn something new every day.
(PAK-9) ...
(PAK-9) What the hell does tuggummi mean anyway?

P.S., How am i gonna write a good OpenGL project in just one and a half day?!

Edited on monday:
How the hell am i gonna write a good OpenGL project in just half a day?!!
Picture taken from the Bleach anime ep.6


نام: ميلاد. said...

عکس قشنگی بود..ولی ای کاش کادرتان را از سمت چپ کمی میکشیدید
فضای خالی در ادامه ی آن پارچه سفید تاثیر عکس را بیشتر میکرد.
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