Your blunt knife won't be enough to slay me

Sunday, June 22, 2014 | |

Daylight awake to a puppet world
No strings attach to this body of mine
All my actions, all my moves
A life all mine to lose
The crown of my work
Is what I shall gain
At the end of my days

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Anonymous said...

get an update man. what do u feel and think these days as in music and pictures?

mute vision said...

چه اینجا رو دوست دارم...چه دلم واسه اینجا تنگ شده بود :)

月光 said...

you're right.. man it's 2015 now!

@ mute vision

Anonymous said...

faze doom death dare inja... az ghadim inja ro doos dashtam.paydar bashi doomed