Scars from where I bled III: Hatred Injection

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 | |

The doubt and apathy
Just trying to keep your feet on the floor
Just trying to put the fear into you
Just trying to board up all the doors
They put the life into you
It’s too late to abort

info: 224kbps | 6.6MB | Album: Effloresce [2003]
Password: 1234 | Lyric


r.n said...

عکس ها و موزیک های خوبی تو بلاگت میذاری..مرسی...

mug said...

اولش فکر کردم یه دکمه است!!!

(کامنتهات عالی ان!! عالی واقعا روحیه میدی)
چون زنده ان! حرف دارن!
مرسی هم کمه!